Textile machinery

Reliable high-tech products

  • Real time control: The roots of PsiControl are found in the real time control of weaving machines. These industrial machines require robust and reliable hardware and software to perform successfully 24/7. Cycle times below 50 milliseconds and a plurality of actions to synchronize in a cycle require a dedicated approach towards development.
  • Robust and reliable electronics: Textile machines are installed in all continents and are at times exposed to very humid and dusty environments. Designers must cope with challenging conditions.
  • Power Electronics: PsiControl developed a unique motor concept for the highly dynamic drive train of the weaving machine. The Switched Reluctance ‘SR’ concept is a key factor behind the outstanding efficiency of the Picanol machines. Furthermore, PsiControl also develops and produces the dedicated power electronics that drive the SR motors.
  • HMI: Textile machines have a state-of-the-art HMI with displays that range from 7” to 12” touch screens which are powered by Linux and Java control interfaces.
  • Connectivity: Each individual machine is linked to the company network through a LAN network. The upload of parameter settings, style transfer, production monitoring, software upload and remote diagnostics are just some examples of the connectivity possibilities.