Reliable Industrial Products

  • Hardware design: With our roots being in the textile industry, we at PsiControl understand the need for reliable products that perform in industrial conditions throughout the world. Electronic components are selected for long life cycles, robustness and availability. Meanwhile, designs are tested to high standards.
  • Mechanical design: Products where mechanics, electronics and software have to work harmoniously together require a high level of integration. Our design and manufacturing teams collaborate at a very early stage in the projects to ensure an optimum product design.
  • HMI: Complex industrial machines have huge sets of parameters. Our ambition is to create an interface that is both intuitive and self-explanatory. Implementation varies from basic Icon display control to complex custom-made 12" touch display controllers. Furthermore, the tailored design enables adaption to any specific requirement of our customers.
  • Software design: At PsiControl we adapt to the needs of our customers. Projects can use a wide set of driver platforms or require specific algorithms. Our engineers are experts in different programming languages such as C, C++, Linux, Java, etc.