Intuitive control

  • ‚ÄčEmbedded Control: HVAC appliances are designed to be reliable and perform without any problem. It is of the utmost importance to design the HVAC process to its highest level of efficiency and reduce its CO2 footprint. In close cooperation with our customers we implement the very best solutions in hardware, driver software and even application software to achieve this goal.
  • Connectivity: HVAC appliances and their controls are no longer isolated functionalities. Wireless connections between sensors, valves, actuators and appliances make installation more straightforward. At PsiControl we aim at reducing the complexity of the wireless network as well as creating reliable behavior. PsiControl can handle both wired and wireless communication protocols.
  • HMI: It is often the case that the only reference in an installation to your company is in its control interface. We believe that this control interface needs to be attractive, smart and self-explanatory. As an example of this belief, we created SwipeStat - a cost-effective response to the smartphone revolution.
  • Silent stepper motor: With a new drive approach PsiControl realizes a silent stepper motor control. A variety of parts can be moved or positioned to be inaudible.