Based on its experience with user interfaces, PsiControl has now also converted the look and feel of the contemporary smart interface into the cost-effective and flexible SwipeStat concept. Touch technology combined with a smart sliding user interface allows for more complex settings to be entered in an easier and more natural manner. Due to its flexible design, the SwipeStat can be used in various environments and applications that require a compact, budget-friendly and intuitive user interface - such as a room thermostat or other machine controllers.
Thanks to the use of robust and proven technologies, the SwipeStat is suitable for heavier industries as well. Furthermore, the SwipeStat can be used as the perfect local user interface, complementary to the operation of a smartphone or tablet, which is increasingly being used as a universal remote control.

SwipeStat, a smart way of user interfacing:

  • A small, full color display
  • Touch operated window frame
  • Animated, sliding user interface
  • Intuitive
  • Compact but versatile
  • Cost-effective